Pocket folders

Presentation Folders

Presentation folders are a classy way to organize a packet of information. Presentation folders are great for meetings, proposals, case histories, trade shows, and more. If you're launching a new product, promoting your business, or advancing a proposal, consider the professional impact of presentation folders. As part of your marketing materials they are ideal for business activities. Our presentation folders are printed fast, crisp, clean and affordably.

We offer 2 types of Pocket Folders: Offset printed and our Digital Fast Folders

Fast Folders

Need Pocket folders fast? We are here to help!

Our fast folders can get printed in low quantities from 25 up to 500 in as little as 1-3 business days.

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Commercially Printed Pocket Folders

Need a large amount of pocket folders or have a pocket folder that bleeds?

We can Commercially print 100-100,000+.

whatever your needs, we can handle it!

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File Preparation

See our FAQ's for more file preparation tips and accepted file formats.